State of Connecticut

A summary of major insurance coverage is provided in the following summary. The summary should not be used in determining the scope of coverage. Insurance coverage questions should be directed to Melanie Savino at (860) 486-0948

Property Insurance

Coverage All Risk property coverage for all State buildings and contents. Replacement Cost coverage subject to terms and conditions
Deductible $1,000,000 per occurrence
$25,000 per occurrence for scheduled fine art, data processing equipment, and miscellaneous equipment

Fine Arts Exhibition

Coverage Non-owned Fine Arts Exhibition
Deductible $2,500

The State insurance and Risk Management Board has renewed the insurance policy that covers Fine Arts Exhibits. The coverage applies to both scheduled art exhibits and all exhibits that are on a permanently loaned basis. The deductible is $2,500.

You will not be charged for this coverage. We are requesting that all departments that have exhibits take precautions to protect the exhibits from vandalism and theft. If we experience excess claims, the State will not be able to obtain this coverage with a lower deductible.

All property in an exhibit is to be reported on Form BO-33 with details and value of each item in exhibit. Form BO-33 is to be prepared by the Department and/or Sponsors of Exhibits and is to be forwarded to Melissa Frank, U-6076, a minimum of 10 Days to the beginning date of exhibition. This form is the basis for information submitted to the insurance company.

If the property owner requests evidence of insurance or a Certificate of Insurance for their loaned property, a fax of the form BO33 along with the request for a certificate of insurance must be e-mailed to the Department of Procurement Services at: A certificate of insurance will be emailed to the requesting department within 3 days.

In cases of loss or damage to the loaned material, please notify Melissa Frank at 486-0621 so that an insurance claim can be filed if appropriate. In addition, if the loss is less than the deductible and to possibly recover the deductible; the owner of the damaged or lost work of art should file a claim with the Claims Commission for possible reimbursement of the deductible amount:

If notification of the exhibit with all the required information is not submitted prior to the start date of the exhibit, there will be no coverage under this policy with the $2,500 deductible.