Insurance FAQ



What is the proper procedure for reporting a UConn employee motor vehicle accident?

After a police report has been filed, individuals involved in accidents while driving state owned, leased or rented vehicles must complete an MVCU-1 Form within 48 hours of the accident. This form may be obtained from Transportation Services by calling (860) 486-6902 or by downloading the Vehicle Accident Form.

At a minimum, the following must be completed:

  • Name, address, and phone number of other party
  • Auto – describe property damages
  • Property – describe property damages
  • Name and address of authorities contacted
  • Name and address of witnesses, if applicable


Note: Individual UConn departments are under no obligation to interact with the insurance company of a non-state vehicle. All inquiries from insurance companies other than those who insure State of Connecticut vehicles should be referred to, or to Constitution State Services at (800) 832-7839

In addition, the claim should be immediately reported to Constitution State Services (CSS), which is now the Third Party Claims Administrator for the State of Connecticut. The Teleclaim # is 1-800-832-7839. Identify yourself as a State of Connecticut employee, and you must also have the following information:

Injured Party

  • Location of accident/incident (city,state)
  • Name and address of injured person(s)
  • Type of injury/part of body
  • Name and address of authorities contacted
  • Name and address of witnesses
  • Name and address of attorney

Auto/Property Damage

  • Name, address and phone number of other party
  • Auto – describe property damages
  • Property – describe property damages
  • Name and address of authorities contacted
  • Name and address of witnesses
  • Please find the telephone reporting form as a guide.

What is the procedure for reporting loss or damage to state owned personal property?

In case of loss or damage of equipment(personal property), the department sustaining the loss should proceed as follows:

  1. The supervisor of the department or, in his/her absence, another person having line of responsibility shall report the theft or damage to the UConn Police Department immediately upon discovery. The UConn Police Department will issue an incident # on their report. Regional campuses should report to their respective substations of the UConn Police Department. Off-site locations should make their report to the local police department with jurisdiction.
  2. The supervisor of the department, or a person of managerial level in the line of command, shall within 5 days after discovery of a loss of accountable property, prepare and submit an Accountability (C-1) form. This form can be found at

The Police Department will notify the University of Connecticut Office of the Controller. The Controller will notify the State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller via the CO-853: REPORT OF LOSS OR DAMAGE TO STATE OWNED REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY with a copy to the department.

What is the procedure for reporting loss or damage to state owned real property?

The standard Emergency Responder protocol should be followed in the event of damage to real property (fire, flood, etc.) The Emergency Responders will then notify the Office of Real Estate and Risk Management pursuant to the notification procedures outlined here: Claim Notification Procedures


What is a certificate of insurance?

A certificate of insurance provides evidence to the certificate holder (the party to whom the certificate is issued) that the State of Connecticut/University of Connecticut carries insurance to satisfy various obligations, such as liability or loss or damage to property. The certificate of insurance shows the amount and type of insurance provided.


When do I need a certificate of insurance?

When there are contractual or statutory requirements that require evidence of insurance.


How can I obtain a cerificate of insurance?

You can obtain a Certificate of Insurance by sending an email with a completed Request for a Certificate of Insurance Form[doc] to requesting the certificate of insurance. The request must include the following:

  • University Department requesting the certificate
  • Purpose of the Certificate of Insurance
  • Event
  • Date/Time of Event
  • Number of Attendees
  • Name of Holder to be listed (note that naming a party as a Certificate Holder does not name that party as an additional insured.)
  • Additional insured – include address (naming a party as an additional insured confers specific rights under the policy.)
  • Copy of agreement requiring a certificate of insurance and either certificate holder or additional insured

Do I need a certificate of insurance if I am using another state facility (e.g. CCSU)?

It is not necessary for a state agency to get a Certificate of insurance to use another state facility, since the state of Connecticut is protected by governmental immunity.


What is an additional insured?

An additional insured is an entity other than the named insured (State of Connecticut/University of Connecticut) who is protected under the terms of the insurance policy. Additional insureds are identified by name in the description section of the Certificate of Insurance. Additional insureds can only be listed on the certificate of insurance if it is contractually mandated. These are not only certificate holders, who are simply parties provided our evidence of insurance.


If I’m in an accident while driving my personal vehicle while on university business will the university pay for the damage to my vehicle?

Employees using their privately owned vehicle for state-approved business are covered for liability through their own personal automobile insurance policy. Employees’ injuries are handled through Workers’ Compensation coverage. The State’s automobile/fleet liability insurance policy is in excess of any and all other collectible insurance. Damage to your personal vehicle must first be reported to your personal automobile insurance company. You are responsible for any deductible amounts under your policy.


How do I place a claim for damage?

All claims against the University of Connecticut must be filed with the State Claims Commissioner. Detailed instructions on how to file a claim is available: