Insurance Coverage for Equipment

On loan to the University and University equipment being used at a non-university location

Occasionally there may be a need to use equipment for research or teaching purposes at a non-university location. Insurance for equipment to be taken off campus or for equipment on loan to the University for which the lender may request insurance coverage may be obtained by written request to the Department of Procurement Services, U-6076. Requests for insurance coverage should be submitted two weeks prior to the effective date of the requested insurance coverage.

Such requests must contain the following information

  1. Date items are to be insured.
  2. Type of insurance (liability, property) requested.
  3. Name, value and size of item.
  4. Who will be using the equipment and why, (e.g. teaching or research)
  5. How and by whom is the item being packed and transported?
  6. Where it will be used or kept and what type of protective measures will be taken when the item is not in use.
  7. If item is being loaned to the University – who it is on loan from and their address, is there an agreement with the lender (if so, a copy must be furnished), and does the lender wish to be named as an additional insured or loss payee on the policy.
  8. The KFS coding to which the premium cost may be charged.

Note: Equipment scheduled on the State’s property policy is subject to policy terms and conditions and carries a deductible of $25,000 per occurrence.